Sunday, December 13, 2009

You're love is like a paper cut.

Your love hurts like a paper cut, so sweet.
Never even feel the slice, you're so deep.
It seems so hard as, but only at first.
Cause like a paper cut,the pain grows worse.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It happen for a reason! ;)

Hmm, yesterday has been one hectic day! First of all, I was shocked by someone who does not even now me well but had the guts to insult me. All I can assume is he has got no life and does not know me well. I just can't believe he is such a narrow minded person. I am not gonna insult him or else I am no difference than him. All I can explain about myself is I am always joking with my friends and I have never expect or ask anyone to treat me. Well, I don't have to explain myself because the person who knows me doesn't need it and the person who don't know me won't believe it.I have decided not to hang around narrow minded people anymore and just be with my friends who knows me well. I admit I did tear up as I never expected this and I was really shocked. Thank God I had Inder to calm me down and Dani gave me a call and make me laugh. Thank you so much Dani! You are always like my big brother who protects me. ;)

Not forgetting, I had my girlfriends who was there to give me comfort words and make me realise that I should not let one person spoilt my mood and bring me down. He is insignificant to me. I still have other friends who can make my day and put a smile on my face.

All I can say to him is ' You can say anything about me as you please, but I am what I am and that's something you can never be'.

My life is too precious and short to have regrets. I should love the people who treat me right and forget about the ones who don't and I believe everything happens for a reason. I'll say what I feel is right and do what I want to do, regret nothing and I'll never let people who don't matter bring me down.I don't hold grudges against him because grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. I am not angry with him but I just feel sad for him. ;) I realize I don't need certain people, the bullshit and the drama they bring. Well, I am not gonna be sad thinking about it because it's a waste of time although I loathe to be accused of something I did not do. I am gonna smile for having great friends and not forgetting today is my One Year Anniversary with Inder. Cheers! ;)